Memphis, Tennessee’s Preferred Adult Inpatient Treatment Program

Crestwyn Behavioral provides leading inpatient psychiatric programs for individuals experiencing crisis from substance abuse, mental health issues, or both. Our mental health center is at the forefront of effective evidence-based practices. Crestwyn Behavioral Health offers a safe environment to help adults regain control of their lives.

Learn About Our Adult Inpatient Program

Crestwyn Behavioral Health is proud to provide effective comprehensive inpatient care services for adult men and women aged 18 and above who have been experiencing mental health disorders and/or substance use disorders. With an unwavering commitment to offering intensive personalized care via customized treatment plans that address the unique strengths, needs, and objectives of each adult who heals with us, the staff at our mental health rehab center works diligently to empower our patients to achieve recovery and experience a significantly improved quality of life.

What We Treat at Crestwyn

At Crestwyn Behavioral Health in Memphis, Tennessee, we know that treatment is just one part of the recovery process, and we endeavor to help our patients to develop the skills and strategies that will help them maintain and build upon the progress that they make with us long after they have completed treatment and returned home. Patients in the adult program will work in close collaboration with treatment teams that include the following experienced professionals:

  • Board-certified psychiatrists
  • Counselors
  • Nurses
  • Social workers
  • Activity therapists

The men and women who provide care at our mental health rehab center are selected based on their wealth of experience, and as well as their dedication to providing patient-focused care in an atmosphere of dignity, compassion, and respect.

The individualized nature of treatment in the adult program ensures that no two patients will have identical experiences at our psychiatric rehab center. However, each person who heals with us will be valued as a unique individual who is expected to play an active role in his or her treatment and who is encouraged to take ownership over his or her recovery process.


If an adult comes to our mental health rehab center to receive care for a substance use disorder, he or she must rid his or her body of the substance or substances that he or she has been abusing prior to fully engaging in our services. Individuals who are incapable of doing so prior to the start of treatment may benefit from our detoxification, or detox, services. Detox provides a safe and comfortable environment in which individuals can wean their bodies from the substances upon which they have become dependent while under the care and supervision of experienced professionals.

Medication Management

Adults who have been experiencing certain mental health disorders may benefit from the inclusion of certain psychotropic medications in their treatment plans. Patients who are treated for mental health issues in the adult program at our mental health rehab center will meet with a psychiatrist for a needs assessment and for the prescription of medications when appropriate. Throughout the individual’s time in the adult treatment program, nurses and nurse practitioners will oversee the administration of medications, and the patient may also meet with a psychiatrist on a daily basis.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a fundamental element of treatment in the adult program at our mental health rehab center. Group sessions, which are led by counselors, nurses, and mental health technicians, are conducted multiple times during each treatment day. These sessions provide supportive environments in which patients can give and receive support, share insights, learn from the experiences of others, and practice productive interpersonal communication skills. Types of group sessions that are typically offered in the adult program include community groups, psychoeducation groups, and 12-Step recovery groups. Topics that may be addressed in groups that are conducted during an individual’s time in treatment at Crestwyn Behavioral Health include the following:

  • Treatment options
  • Healthy relationships
  • Goal-setting
  • Medication support
  • Anger management
  • Suicide prevention
  • Recovery skills

Individual Therapy

Patients in the adult program will participate in one-on-one sessions with their primary counselor on either a daily or as-needed basis. The frequency of individual therapy sessions will be determined according to an ongoing evaluation of each patient’s progress toward his or her treatment goals. Individual therapy sessions provide adult patients with the opportunity to process successes and setbacks, discuss concerns that they may be hesitant or unwilling to bring up in a group environment, and receive feedback and guidance from an experienced professional who is familiar with their needs and who has been closely involved in their treatment.

Family Therapy

Occurs as needed and sessions are determined by the treatment team. Family therapy is offered with an understanding that an individual’s struggles with mental health disorders and/or substance abuse problems are likely to also impact the individual’s family members and close friends, we are proud to provide a supportive forum through which loved ones may address their own needs and learn how best to support the individual during and after his or her time in the adult program at our psychiatric rehab center. Family therapy will be incorporated into each patient’s treatment plan at the frequency that has been determined to be most appropriate based upon an ongoing assessment of his or her needs and progress, as well as the ability of his or her loved ones to participate in such sessions.

Discharge Planning

With an understanding that inpatient treatment is just one part of the healing process, our mental health rehab center places a premium on ensuring that each patient leaves treatment with a thorough discharge plan. The discharge planning process actually begins the day that a man or woman enters the adult inpatient program. By the time that the patient has completed his or her time with us, he or she will have worked with the members of his or her treatment team to develop a document that identifies the professional referrals, community-based services, and other resources that will enable him or her to maintain and build upon the progress that he or she began while in our care.

For more information about adult inpatient treatment at Crestwyn Behavioral Health in Memphis, Tennessee, or for answers to any questions that you may have about any aspect of care at our center, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. The friendly and knowledgeable members of our staff look forward to speaking with you and helping you to make the best decision for yourself or for a loved one.

I loved the staff! Most of the techs and nurses were wonderful. The doctors were great, too. I would choose it again if I had to go back.

– Former Patient