Learn How To Safely Detox From Opioids

Detoxing from opioid can be the most difficult part of addiction to overcome. Crestwyn can ensure you or your loved one that the detoxification process will be both safe and comfortable.

First Step to Recovery

Detox: the first step to recovery

Heroin and prescription painkillers such as OxyContin and Vicodin are all considered opioids. When someone abuses these substances, they can cause the development of an addiction that can lead to extreme damage in one’s life, including one’s work life and family life. An addiction to opioids can destroy every part of one’s being, as it is one of the most powerful and potentially fatal types of chemical dependency in existence.

Given the harm that an addiction to opioids can cause within one’s life, treatment is almost always necessary to put an addiction to these types of substances to rest. In fact, for those who do not participate in effective opioid treatment, the consequences that can result include irreversible damage to one’s mental and physical health, and even death due to overdose. Considering these detriments, it is imperative to consider treatment that includes not only therapeutic services, but detoxification (or detox) services as well. These services are vital and can address the physical aspects of opioid addiction at the beginning of one’s recovery. These services can also aid women and men in laying the foundation for sobriety and lifetime of recovery.


What happens during opioid withdrawal

Opioid withdrawal is said to be one of the most painful forms of drug withdrawal a person can experience. When someone has been abusing opioids like prescription painkillers or heroin to the point that his or her body has gotten used to the presence of them, symptoms of withdrawal are likely to occur once the person is no longer abusing opioids.

Withdrawing from opioids can include bodily aches and pains, powerful cravings, and feeling extremely sick. Because these symptoms can painful and uncomfortable, many individuals relapse by using again. However, if an individual receives care that includes detox, not only can a person have a less painful withdrawal period, but he or she can also gain the skills needed to continue making strides towards a life of recovery.


Detoxification from opioid at Crestwyn Behavioral Health

As a leading provider of addiction treatment, Crestwyn Behavioral Health is pleased to offer top-notch detoxification services. Patients can benefit from the experience and compassion that our team possesses, and thrive in an atmosphere that is conducive to healing. Every patient will be made as comfortable as possible, and the ongoing support and encouragement received will make each patient feel as though he or she is being thoroughly cared for and included in a dynamic recovery community.

Long Term Benefits

Long-term benefits of detox for opioid addiction

When someone chooses not to get treatment for an addiction to opioids, or if he or she does not engage in detox at the beginning of his or her care, the results can be devastating. Those who stay physically dependent on opioids can suffer one or more relapses, which can make it more challenging to end the dangerous cycle of opioid abuse. However, for those who reach out for help that includes detox services, there is a stronger chance that they will be able to more effectively put an end to their addictions and go on to live healthy and happy lives.

Participation in a detox program allows a patient to achieve better health and clarity of mind so that he or she can understand how and why his or her addiction developed in the first place. An individual is also able to focus more on his or her emotional and psychological healing, which can help to establish the confidence and skills needed to keep from engaging in opioid abuse again.

For those who are in need of a quality treatment experience that includes detox, the search for a treatment provider is over. At Crestwyn Behavioral Health, we can help you reach your recovery goals.

I loved the staff! Most of the techs and nurses were wonderful. The doctors were great, too. I would choose it again if I had to go back.

– Former Patient