Learn How To Safely Detox From Prescriptions Drugs

Detoxing from prescription drugs can be the most difficult part of addiction to overcome. Crestwyn can ensure you or your loved one that the detoxification process will be both safe and comfortable.

First Step to Recovery

Detox: the first step to recovery

Prescription drugs, which are capable of treating a wide range of health problems, from physical pain to mental health issues, are invaluable resources for many individuals throughout the world. When consumed as prescribed under the care of a trained medical professional, prescription medications can significantly increase one’s quality of life. However, despite the benefits that prescription medications can provide, many of them can cause harm and destruction to an individual’s life if they are not appropriately consumed per the direction of a physician.

Since many prescription medications can bring on desirable effects when they are abused, many people are attracted to them as they look for methods of achieving a mind- or mood-altering high. The longer that a prescription medication is taken, especially when done so recreationally, the more likely an individual is to develop an addiction. When this occurs, it can be extremely difficult to stop using these substances without professional care.

The most beneficial option for treatment can include residential care that includes detoxification, or detox, services. Detox can aid an individual in clearing his or her body of dangerous substances of abuse, and can also help him or her find his or her way through the therapeutic process within residential care in a life-saving manner.


What happens during prescription drug withdrawal

Depending on the medication that one is abusing, the withdrawal that one can experience can vary. Most people will suffer from physical pain, powerful cravings, and irritability, which can derail one’s efforts to keep from continued abuse.

For many, symptoms of withdrawal develop and the immediate response is to go right back to using. When this occurs, an individual might feel defeated and then begin using at an increased rate and frequency as a result to lessen the presence of the withdrawal symptoms and to hide from the pain of failure. This dangerous cycle of substance abuse can make experiencing a relapse a continual occurrence and dramatically increase the risk of overdose.

As is true for other types of chemical dependency, an individual often has to hit rock bottom prior to realizing that ending his or her use of a prescription drug cannot be done independently. In the event that an individual does hit rock bottom, there are many options for care available that can help make recovery available and eliminate the risk of relapse and overdose.


Detoxification from prescription drugs at Crestwyn Behavioral Health

At Crestwyn, we know the challenges that addiction presents. We also understand what it takes to overcome a prescription medication addiction, and we are pleased to offer the care and resources that women and men need to live lives of recovery.

At the time of entering our program, the need for detox is assessed so that each patient can receive the most effective care possible. When it is necessary for the individual, he or she will begin treatment at our center with detox. The detox services supplied at Crestwyn also include support from our team and the services needed to make it through withdrawal as comfortably and as safely as possible. Our team of professionals will supervise the health and well-being of each patient in detox and will offer the medical interventions needed to keep individuals comfortable at this time. Substance abuse is not allowed at our center, so each patient who is in our care will not be able to abuse prescription medications, but will be able to achieve sobriety.

Long-Term Benefits

Long-term benefits of detox for prescription drug addiction

Participating in a program that includes detox can help kick-start a life that is no longer revolving around prescription drug abuse. Different from when an individual tries to stop the use of prescription medications on his or her own, detox can help make sure that an individual will be able to keep from continual abuse and prevent relapse.

Because detox clears all traces of substances from the body, an individual can focus on understanding his or her addiction, establishing the skills needed to recover, and developing the confidence required to know that he or she can uphold sobriety when not in treatment. Research has proven that obtaining detox can increase one’s chances of remaining sober for the long-term after going through effective detox.

Therefore, if you or someone you care for wants to engage in care that can lay the groundwork for a life free of prescription medications, reach out to us at Crestwyn. We are committed to helping you or someone you care for get the treatment that is needed, including detox, that will bring about sobriety. Call us right now to learn more about the programming we offer.

This was the best place I could have ever chosen to go get help at! Unlike other behavioral health places in the Memphis area, Crestwyn is a very nice facility staffed with the kindest and most helpful people ever!

– Former Patient